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Jeff Parker is a food stylist, culinary producer, cookbook author, and culinary content provider. 


Having a multi-faceted career that spans not only food, but also other lifestyle pursuits, such as interior design and fashion, Jeff is inspired by all aspects of design to create mouth-watering, stomach-growling images.  


Jeff specializes in providing food styling for all media outlets. Whether it’s for print, social media, cookbooks, editorial shoots, or television, his creative and diversified styling is designed to meet the client’s specifications while staying in-step with current market food and design trends.


In addition to his work as a Food Stylist, Jeff also has years of experience working as a Culinary Producer for Food Network and other lifestyle channels. Providing recipe breakdowns, segment blocking, recipes, product sourcing, and consulting for television cooking shows, social content, product websites, etc., his versatility and the ability to adapt to each client gives him a unique advantage to be able to tailor each shot and present the food in keeping with the style of the brand and its art direction, however subtle or complex in its intention. 


As a trained chef, Jeff also acts as Culinary Director and Corporate Chef for culinary personalities/talent and lifestyle brands. He brings a modern approach to developing new and highly creative recipes, ideas, and products with sound culinary knowledge and an awareness of consumer trends. Recipes are developed with a commitment to quality and approachability with easy to follow directions that are suitable for the home cook.


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